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Mastering the art of perfect adventure and travel for years in Nepal.

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Travel & Tourism

Silk Nepal specializes in travel and tourism. We focus on eco-friendly tours and treks in Nepal's hilly and mountainous regions. Come explore the himalayan beauty with us, or get to know the typical Nepali culture and festivity.

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Sustainable Travel

We promote sustainability in tourism and environment in our sector. Sustainable tourism maximizes the positive contribution of tourism to biodiversity conservation and thus to poverty reduction and the achievement of goals.

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Mission & Values

Smooth as silk, Silk Nepal Tours and Travel having a registered office in Nepal (head office in Pokhara and partners throughout the world) provides a professional travel needs, trekking & mountaineering expeditions and explores new destinations for travel within the country.

Eco Adventures

Affordable and environment friendly, Silk Nepal promotes eco adventure at its best involving visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas in Nepal intended as a low-impact and often small scale alternative to standard commercial mass tourism.

Green Tourism

Silk Nepal believes in sustainable eco and green tourism. Our green tourism involves primary transportation to the general location and then we engage in various home stays and guest houses. The adventure then begins to the nature at its best.

Work with Locals

All of our activities at Silk Nepal are friendly with the locale of the place we visit. We promote local products, share cultural beliefs and traditional Nepalese life style. No worries if you want to stay aloof the choice is yours but we got you covered for the best experiences.

Innovative Tours

Mix of trekking routes for the adventure and enjoyment with the nature is what we call innovative tours here in Silk Nepal. We do not suggest you for a solo tour depending upon the seasons here but we definitely encourage you to come up with new innovative ways of touring ...